Saturday, September 25, 2010


This week has been a tough one. It started off pretty good, I got watch my niece and nephew, make a little art, get some feedback on a commission that I'd given up on ever getting. I met a customer at the store that looks like me in about 20+ years. That was pretty cool. She is a bohemian, lived in NY, adamantly refuses being labeled a hippy (yuck), makes sculptural jewelery that you can wear-- sells vintage jewelery. Dresses like me, but shorter and with shorter hair. It was cool meeting her.
But it quickly went downhill from there.
Women's lives are so filled with complexity and hormones and any number of things that we feel we need to take on and "fix" or do. These things have a way of quickly adding up, taking over every other portion of our lives and the next thing we know, we are having to fight off the pile of crap that we have agreed (somehow) to take on.
Don't you wish you could be a two year old again, running around saying "NO!!' no no nononononononoooooooo!!" hee heeee! NO.
no, I won't do that for you. no, I won't apologize. no, I won't do your work for you. no, I won't make dinner. no, I don't want to listen to you. no, I won't wear your shirt. no, I don't have any ideas for you. no, I don't want to plan your weekend for you. no, I don't want to support your endeavors while I let mine wait. no, i don't want to do work that you are not going to pay me for. I don't want to wait in your line, I don't want to bake your cake, I don't want to hear you whine (again), I don't really care to clean up your mistake, either.
Nope. I'm not really sorry for it--soooooo... just no.

I'm posting a recent work that is in a show that closes this evening. This show had the best title, "Curio", and I'm sorry that it is closing because it is the best title for a show that has included my work.
I hope you all can practice your two-year old "no's" I no I will be...