Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what? what???

I can't believe that it is already July!
I've been super busy sewing with SarahLou these past couple of months. We just participated in our first fashion show. It was so much fun!! It was also extremely stressful. I'm still trying to recover from it, I think. All of that work and worry, for what felt like one minute of show. It felt so professional walking down the runway after our models and waving to the audience while all of the flashbulbs from the photographers went off. But now that 's over and poor SarahLou is still looking for a proper home! Keep checking back for photos or video from the event. I'm looking for anyone who has images from that night. There were a bajillion photographers and videographers, but nobody has surfaced with images from that night. yet.

I've also applied to and heard back from New York Academy of Art regarding attending there for graduate school. I was accepted!! and now I have to come up with the money for attendance. UG! more stress. I'm really excited, though and I hope that I can come up with funds. Living in New York for two years would be so exciting! I've a few ideas regarding different (creative) ways to find money for school including selling everything I have. So if you want to purchase artwork, either existing or future works, let me know. I also have a house full of kitschy stuff which might end up on ebay. FUN!!

I know you're wondering if I've any time to actually paint any more. Well, yes I do and I'm actually working (very slowly) on a new watercolor. Now that the fashion show is over, it should be finished very soon, so keep on the lookout for new artwork in the next couple of weeks!!

Until then, take care. And wish me luck.